1635 Service Drive
Winona MN 55987
(located next to Country Kitchen on Hwy 61)
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Sauer Rehab is a leading provider of outpatient physical
therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services.
EXPERIENCE MATTERS! Our team consists of highly
experienced, talented employees who have a strong reputation
for getting the results you need. Sauer Rehab is the outpatient
therapy program at Sauer Health Care.
*Over a thousand
views a day on
their videos!
Sauer Rehab, for Physical Therapy in Winona, MN works in cooperation with Therapy Network
Inc which has been serving patients in southeastern Minnesota and southwestern Wisconsin since
1988. Therapy Network Inc is currently providing therapy services in seven locations.
PHYSICAL THERAPY of Winona. Winona, MN
You can choose where you go to have your
therapy services. If your doctor orders physical,
occupational, or speech therapy services, you can
receive those services anywhere you choose.
Choose experience. Choose Sauer Rehab.
Robert Schrupp,
Physical Therapist,
Sauer Rehab
Scott Bossman,
Physical Therapist,
Sauer Rehab
Brad Heineck,
Physical Therapist,
Sauer Rehab
Welcome to Sauer Rehab
Physical Therapy of Winona
in Winona, Minnesota