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1. Will my insurance pay for my therapy services?

YES, most insurance companies cover physical therapy

When checking for coverage from your insurance provider
check under Sauer Health Care and Therapy Network, Inc  
because we are able to bill under both names.

2. Will Medicare, Worker's Compensation, or Medicaid
pay for my therapy services?

They might. We are certified providers for Workers
Medicare and Medicaid. We will always check your coverage
for therapy services
before you start your treatments and discuss any deductibles,
co pays, and limits of benefits.

3. Can I submit my claim to my Health Savings Account
(HSA) or Flexible Spending
Account (FSA)?

You should check with the account administrator of your
account   but we believe that yes, you can submit your claim
to your HSA/FSA.

4. Do I have to go to a hospital in order for my therapy
to be covered by insurance, Medicare, etc.?

Absolutely not. You can choose where to go for your therapy

5. If I am involved in a car accident, will my therapy be

It might be. Even if you have no health insurance, and you
are involved in
an auto accident, you may have coverage for therapy services
under your car insurance policy. Most car insurances have a
medical expense rider.

6. Do I have to see a doctor first?

Yes, in most instances you will need to see a physician first in
order for your insurance to cover your therapy services.

7. Do you accept credit cards?

No, not at this time.

Insurance FAQ's
Insurance FAQ's
PHYSICAL THERAPY of Winona. Winona, MN